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Manwa Lawrence Ng, Ph.D.
Associate Dean (Outreach & Engagement)
Associate Professor
Human Communication, Learning, and Development
Faculty of Education
University of Hong Kong
759 Meng Wah Complex, Pokfulam, Hong Kong
+852 3917 1582
Associate Members
Yang Chen, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Director
Duquesne-China Health Institute
Rangos School of Health Sciences
205 Fisher Hall, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
+1 412.396.4206
Guang Ouyang, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Chief Coordinator
Laboratory of Education Neuroscience
Human Communication, Learning, and Development
Faculty of Education
University of Hong Kong
670 Meng Wah Complex, Pokfulam, Hong Kong
+852 3917 0370
Nan Yan, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Integration Technology
Chinese Academy of Sciences

1068 Xue Yuan Da Dao, Shenzhen, China
+86 0755-86392174
Shi Zhu, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Department of Applied Foreign Language Studies
Nanjing University
163 Xianlin Road, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China
+86-25 89682080
Student Members
Graduate Student Researchers
Andrew Au
Doctoral Candidate

Andrew is a practising speech therapist, who is dedicated to integrating professional knowledge with clinical experiences. His clinical interests are voice and swallowing disorders. He is a strong advocate of objective assessment of voice and swallowing disorders.
Angela Choi
Doctoral Candidate

Angela is a bilingual speech-language pathologist registered in Hong Kong and United States. Her clinical and research interests are in fluency disorders. She is the Hong Kong representative for the International Cluttering Association and the consultant for the Hong Kong Stuttering Support Group.
Tianqi Wang
Doctoral Candidate
Tianqi does research on the interface between linguistics and cognitive processes. He uses computational and neural imaging approaches to understand conceptual representation and various processing issues of Chinese languages.
Undergraduate Student Researchers
Stephy Lee
I am Stephy, a year 3 HKU student majoring in Speech and Hearing Sciences. Joining this project allowed me to learn a lot more about voice and swallowing disorders, and also to help those in need. 
Ally Ng

I am Ally, a year 4 student at the University of Hong Kong majoring Speech and Hearing Sciences. I have joined the lab’s internship as I would like to learn more about voice disorders and how we can conduct researches to help people in need. I wish to pursue my career in related fields in the future!
Theresa Yau
I am Theresa, a year 3 student studying Speech and Hearing Sciences in the University of Hong Kong. I am very interested in the fied of voice and swallowing disorders. Joining the lab allows us to explore more, and also influences us to think of how we could help more people in need.
Vincent Wu
I am Vincent, a year 4 student majoring Speech and Hearing Sciences. I am particularly interested in voice and swallowing disorders and I would like to combine knowledge acquired in research in community practice. I hope to pursue research in the related fields using modern technology in my future endeavors.
External Student Researchers
Skye Yang
I am Skye, a year 3 student majoring International Politics in Fudan University. I am interested in Sociology, especially the field of linguistics and phonetics. Joining the project gives me a valuable opportunity to put my social research skills into practice, and to do my duty to make the world a better place.